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Welcome to Oregon Upstart

Welcome to Oregon Upstart


Thank you for visiting our brand new blog.  Here we hope to provide you with engaging news, smart commentary, lively discussion, and maybe just a little bit of fun. I hope this blog can be a refuge for Oregon conservatives looking to find a right-of-center hub for Oregon news, and a place where open minded liberals can come to expose themselves to ideas outside of their usual bubble.

What We Believe

Oregon is a beautiful state and a wonderful place to live, but our leaders are letting us down and have been for too long.

Our state government is too big and spending too much of our money.  Budgets are like fingernails, they should be cut regularly.

People are better off when they are free to live their own lives, spend their own money, run their own businesses, and make their own decisions.

Who We Are

My name is Jacob Vandever.  I grew up in the town of Umatilla Oregon, went to school at Oregon State University, and I currently live in Tualatin.  Politics has been my passion since I was 15 years old.  Here I will give you my take on the big events of the day, both here in Oregon and on the national stage, and I will be bringing in some of my politically minded friends to do the same.  I am by no means a journalist, just a proud Oregonian who is concerned about the direction our state is headed in.  We would be honored to have you read our articles, share the ones that you like, and complain to us in the comment section for the ones you don't.

We are on a mission to make a better Oregon.  I hope you'll join us.





Bend: Rural Oregon for Portlanders

Bend: Rural Oregon for Portlanders